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T ransitive Passive Verbs
Lesson 4-6
Prompt:Some action verbs and phrases transfer action back to the subject of the verb. Such verbs are called transitive passive verbs.
Example:Consider this sentence: "The apple pie was eaten." The action of the verb "was eaten" is transferred back to the subject "pie."
Directions:Each sentence below has an action verb phrase that transfers the action back to the passive noun subject. Click to select the passive subject of each verb phrase.
1.The blueberries were being eaten.
2.Dinner was being served.
3.The piano is played each morning.
4.The house was painted white.
5.The steak was being barbecued.
6.The sandwiches were being prepared.
7.The pie was being slowly baked.
8.The bears were being watched.
9.The waves were being blown on shore.
10.Stories were being told by the quests.
11.The music was being enjoyed by all present.
12.The book was being read with great interest.
13.The man was being ridiculed by the crowd.
14.They were being admired by the group.
15.Our team has been beaten ten times.
16.The gifts have been given away.
17.The race horse was being ridden in the fifth race.
18.The boat was being sunk by the waves.
19.The surfer was swept out to sea by the riptide.
20.I was taken home.