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T he Indirect Object
Lesson 4-4
Prompt:Often a transitive active verb form provides not only a direct object but also another noun or pronoun that indirectly receives the action from the verb.
Example:Direct object only: "The teacher gave a lecture." Indirect object: "The teacher gave me a lecture."
Note:It may be easier to understand that an indirect object is merely the object of the preposition "to" or "for" which has been left out of the sentence: "The teacher gave (to) me a lecture."
Directions:The following sentences contain transitive active verb forms with an indirect object in each sentence. Click to select the indirect object in each sentence.
1.He wrote her a letter.
2.They threw him the ball.
3.The teacher gave her students much praise.
4.Will you tell me your name?
5.The coach taught the team new plays.
6.The little boy gave the teacher his poem.
7.He eagerly showed her his picture.
8.The foundation awarded her a trophy.
9.Please sing me a song.
10.The pitcher threw the catcher the ball.
11.The quarterback gave the halfback the ball.
12.The umpire gave him a yellow card.
13.Please provide me your address.
14.Shovel her a path in the snow.
15.Please send John this package.
16.The audience gave him an ovation.
17.Teach students your skills.
18.Give the needy your hand.
19.Please read me a story.
20.We will show them a good time.