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T ransitive Active Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 4-3
Prompt:A transitive active verb may transfer action to a compound direct object.
Example:Consider the following sentence: "The carpenter carried his hammer and nails." "Hammer and nails" is a compound direct object of two or more nouns or pronouns.
Directions:Each sentence below contains a transitive active verb form with a compound direct object. Click to select the compound direct object in each sentence.
1.Please watch your P's and Q's.
2.Mother, please wash my shirt and socks.
3.Today we shall wear our ties and coats.
4.The team forgot the bats and balls.
5.Do you eat biscuits and honey?
6.The storm delivered rain and snow.
7.The captain chose Bill, Jim, and Joe.
8.The foundation awarded a certificate and trophy.
9.Sally plays the piano and harp.
10.The performer juggled an apple, pear, and banana.
11.The student selected a verb and a direct object.
12.The writer wrote poems and plays.
13.The dog demanded my attention and affection.
14.I nominate Sally and Bill.
15.He shaved his beard and mustache.
16.The team elected Todd and Harry.
17.The quest artist performed a song and a dance.
18.Wanda surveyed the flat tire and dented fender.
19.Buckle up your overcoat and overshoes.
20.We mailed envelopes and packages.