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A greement: If I Wish I Were
Lesson 4-27
Prompt:Often in dependent clauses introduced by the word "if," the plural verb is required in the pattern of the clause.
Example:In the sentence: "If I were you, I would go home." The plural verb "were" is used even though the subject of the verb "I" is singular. If the subject is plural the verb is also plural.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the correct verb form for each dependent clause as shown.
1.If I (was) (were) trying out for the team, I would succeed.
2.If the team (was) (were) winning games, the team would be selected.
3.If she (was) (were) wishing for our return, she would be disappointed.
4.If they (was) (were) expecting us to come, we should go.
5.I would wear my best suit if I (was) (were) going to the wedding.
6.If we (is) (are) taking the trip, we must have the car repaired.
7.They would absolutely die, if I (was) (were) to attend.
8.If the army (was) (were) my first choice, I would enlist.
9.If I (was) (were) in your shoes, I would find another job.
10.If the flock (was) (were) returning to the island, I would be surprised.