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A greement: Words Always Singular or Plural
Lesson 4-26
Prompt:The following words are always singular when used as a subject or to modify a subject: "each," "every," "one," "anyone," "someone," "no one," "everyone," "anybody," "nobody," and "everybody." The following words are always plural when used as a subject or to modify a subject: "several," "few," "both," and "many."
Directions:Click to select the correct verb forms in the following sentences.
1.Each of the boys (knows) (know) his assignment.
2.Every person (expects) (expect) to win.
3.Anyone with a ticket (competes) (compete) for the jackpot.
4.Someone very special (is) (are) visiting the afternoon.
5.Several of my friends (desires) (desire) to come.
6.(Is) (Are) both Tom and Jerry coming?
7.Someone (has) (have) to stay home.
8.A few of my friends (is) (are) willing to come.
9.Everybody (wants) (want) to come.
10.(Is) (Are) everyone coming?
11.Every friend of mine (likes) (like) to ice skate.
12.One of my friends (is) (are) a competitive skater.
13.Someone always (makes) (make) a fool of himself on the ice.
14.Both Torie and Erin (is) (are) good skaters.
15.Many of their friends (is) (are) avid skaters.
16.Everybody, who is somebody, (attends) (attend) the ice reviews.
17.(Is) (Are) a few of the team members going to attend?
18.No one person (knows) (know) all the answers.
19.Several persons (is) (are) applying for the job.
20.Each person (determines) (determine) his or her future.