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A greement: Compound Subjects
Lesson 4-25
Prompt:Compound subjects of two or more nouns or pronouns take a plural verb. If parts of the compound subject are joined by "or" or "nor," the subject word following the "or" or "nor" determines if the verb is singular or plural.
Example:1) "Jan and Jill are going to the movies." The plural subject takes a plural verb. 2) "Neither the players nor the coach is going to the game." The singular subject "coach" takes the singular verb. 3) "Either the coach or the players are coming tonight." The plural subject "players" takes the plural verb.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the correct verb form to agree with each subject.
1.Either Bill or Sally (is) (are) going.
2.Neither Bill nor Sally (desire) (desires) to go.
3.Bill and Sally (doesn't) (don't) want to go.
4.Bill and Sally (refuse) (refuses) to go.
5.John, along with his friends, (is) (are) going to attend.
6.Going to the conference (was) (were) John and his two friends.
7.Here (comes) (come) the bride and groom.
8.Where (was) (were) Brenda and the others when we needed their help.
9.Neither Ms. Jones nor the students (is) (are) going to the conference.
10.Either the students or Ms. Jones (decline) (declines) the invitation.
11.Erin and Torie (is) (are) flying to Hawaii.
12.The girls and their family (travel) (travels) often.
13.Cody and Blackberry (bark) (barks) each morning.
14.Either Cody or Blackberry (start) (starts) the barking exchange.
15.Neither Cody nor the neighborhood dogs (enjoy) (enjoys) going inside.
16.Sean and Jonathon (enjoy) (enjoys) snowboarding.
17.Either Sean or Jonathon (doesn't) (don't) like the snow.
18.Neither Sheri nor the boys (expect) (expects) a cold winter.
19.Snow and ice (is) (are) on the road.
20.Sean, together with his friends, (go) (goes) snowboarding every week.