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A greement: Collective Nouns
Lesson 4-24
Prompt:Some nouns refer to a collection of persons, animals, or things. These nouns are usually singular unless the emphasis is on the individuals making up the collection.
Example:Such nouns as "team," "army," "group," "jury," or "pack" are collective nouns. 1) "The jury has arrived at a verdict." The singular verb is used for the singular jury. 2) "The jury are unable to arrive at a verdict." The plural verb is used meaning each member.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the correct form of the verb to agree with the subject.
1.The pack of wolves (was) (were) moving to a new area.
2.The army (enlist) (enlists) high school graduates.
3.The committee (was) (were) appointed for one year.
4.The committee (was) (were) given their assignments.
5.The herd (is) (are) coming this way.
6.The mob usually (get) (gets) out of control.
7.A group of hunters (is) (are) going to attend.
8.The boat crew (practice) (practices) every day.
9.The swarm of bees (search) (searches) for a new hive.
10.The class (elect) (elects) its leaders.
11.The troop of scouts (attend) (attends) meetings.
12.The team (practice) (practices) four times a week.
13.In the spring, the flock (fly) (flies) north.
14.A pod of whales (dive) (dives) when approached.
15.A school of fish (swim) (swims) as a unit.
16.A pod (migrate) (migrates) thousands of miles.
17.The pride of lions (attack) (attacks) its enemies.
18.A flock of geese (travel) (travels) as a unit.
19.The staff (agree) (agrees) with the policy.
20.Most of the staff (agree) (agrees) with the principal.