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A greement: Subjects and Verbs
Lesson 4-23
Prompt:Subjects and verbs must agree in number — both must be either singular or plural.
Example:1) "The car runs on solar power." The singular subject "car" agrees with the singular verb "runs." 2) "Cars run on solar power." The plural subject "cars" agrees with the plural verb "run."
Directions:Read the following sentences and click to select the correct verb that agrees with the subject of the sentence.
1.We (was) (were) at school.
2.They (need) (needs) a copy of my schedule.
3.She (know) (knows) my locker combination.
4.The plane (arrive) (arrives) at 9:00 A.M.
5.Several planes (arrive) (arrives) before noon.
6.They will (fly) (flies) home for the holidays.
7.He (fly) (flies) every year.
8.He (arise) (arises) at eight A.M.
9.A dog (growl) (growls) when frightened.
10.Dogs (growl) (growls) at strangers.
11.The pencil (was) (were) sharpened.
12.A dozen pencils (was) (were) sharpened.
13.Carpenters (build) (builds) houses.
14.He (build) (builds) two houses a year.
15.She (has) (have) returned my call.
16.They (has) (have) an unlisted number.
17.The boys always (play) (plays) on weekends.
18.Jack (play) (plays) third base.
19.The Washington Monument (is) (are) interesting.
20.All the national monuments in Washington D.C. (is) (are) interesting.