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T ransitive Active Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 4-2
Prompt:We have found that action verbs and verb phrases may transfer action to a direct object. Such verbs are called transitive active.
Example:Consider the following sentence: "The children were throwing snowballs." "Snowballs" is the direct object of the verb phrase "were throwing."
Directions:Each sentence below has a transitive active verb form. Click to select the direct object of the verb in each sentence.
1.The lightening struck the house.
2.The car wash washed the car.
3.The painters were painting the house.
4.Postal workers have been delivering the mail.
5.The writer wrote novels.
6.The team rode the bus.
7.The singer sang our favorite song.
8.Please take out the garbage.
9.Mother is preparing supper.
10.Drivers, start your engines.
11.The waiter served the meal.
12.Please adjust your attitude.
13.Did he remember my name?
14.Have we forgotten our manners?
15.The snow covered the car.
16.The pilot started the engines.
17.How I enjoyed my coffee!
18.The class read ten books.
19.We have overcome all obstacles.
20.I shall publish my story.