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C asework for Pronouns
Lesson 4-18
Prompt:Personal pronouns usually change their spelling according to the case of the pronoun used in the sentence. A subjective case pronoun is "I." An objective case pronoun is "me." And, a possessive case pronoun is "my."
Directions:Each of the following sentences has a choice of pronoun cases. Click to select the correct pronoun case in each.
1.Is this letter for (he) (him)?
2.Mother will buy (we) (us) a book.
3.Did you ask (she) (her) for assistance?
4.Both documents were signed by (he) (him).
5.Have (they) (them) called home?
6.(We) (us) are leaving for California today.
7.Phillip and (I) (me) worked on the poster.
8.(We) (us) submitted the poster.
9.Tom said that (he) (him) would be on the committee.
10.These pictures were painted by (I) (me).
11.That book is not (my) (mine).
12.That girl is (she) (her).
13.This money is to be divided between you and (I) (me).
14.I would like you to call (they) (them) soon.
15.Did you give (we) (us) the package?
16.That was (I) (me) who called.
17.I believe it was (she) (her).
18.Many of (we) (us) hope to return.
19.Jane and (she) (her) are going.
20.Please deliver this message to (he) (him).