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S ubjective Case Pronouns
Lesson 4-17
Prompt:A pronoun used as the subject of a verb or the predicate noun of an intransitive linking verb is always in the subjective case.
Example:Subject of verb: "We are the winners." Predicate noun: "The winners are we."
Directions:In each sentence below a choice of pronouns is given as used as the subject of a verb or as a predicate noun. Click to select the correct pronoun in each case.
1.(who) (whom) is the best student?
2.(We) (us) boys are often blamed.
3.John and (he) (him) were applying for the job.
4.May (I) (me) help you?
5.Sandy, Jill, and (she) (her) will set the table.
6.(Who) (whom) do you believe is the best qualified.
7.It was (they) (them) who complained.
8.It is (I) (me) answered the man.
9.We wished we were (they) (them).
10.It was (he) (him) on the phone.
11.Sally and (she) (her) were their friends.
12.The candidates were Jack and (I) (me).
13.(Who) (whom) is coming to dinner?
14.The two experts were Allee and (he) (him).
15.My sister and (she) (her) participate in the same sport.