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O bjective Case Pronouns
Lesson 4-16
Prompt:Pronouns used as direct objects, indirect objects, and objects of prepositions are always in the objective case.
Example:Direct object: "The snowball hit him." Indirect object: "Alice sang him a song." Object of preposition: "She sat next to him."
Directions:In each sentence below a choice of pronouns is given as a direct or indirect object or object of a preposition. Click to select the correct pronoun in each case.
1.The light was following (they) (them).
2.The company sent (he) (him) a letter.
3.The spotlight circled (I) (me).
4.The pitcher threw (I) (me) a curve ball.
5.Please join (we) (us) on the trip.
6.The team presented (she) (her) a trophy.
7.The school greeted (they) (them) as they returned.
8.They were arguing with (he) (him).
9.Did you see (she) (her) at the party.
10.The secret was kept between (she) (her) and (I) (me).
11.Good behavior is expected from persons like you and (I) (me).
12.Between you and (I) (me), I do not want to go.
13.The stranger sat between the two of (we) (us).
14.The subject was discussed among (they) (them).
15.Will you please help Jan and (I) (me) with this problem.
16.There is no love lost between the Jones and (we) (us).
17.Everyone except (she) (her) plans to go.
18.The boys are not experienced campers like you and (I) (me).
19.Everyone was present except Sally and (she) (her).
20.You can't expect to dance like (she) (her).