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I ntransitive Linking Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 4-12
Prompt:Linking verbs link the subject with a noun or adjective in the predicate, We call these words the "predicate noun" or the "predicate adjective" as appropriate. These words rename or modify the subject of the verb.
Example:Consider these sentences: 1) "The weather looks stormy." The predicate adjective "stormy" modifies the subject "weather." 2) "Monet was an artist." The predicate noun "artist" renames the subject "Monet."
Directions:Click to select the predicate noun or adjective in each sentence below.
1.We are hungry.
2.The main entre is steak.
3.We all feel better.
4.Our mail carrier is John Janson.
5.The teams are district champs.
6.Their performance has been excellent.
7.The children's behavior was good.
8.The sky is dark.
9.We were happy on the farm.
10.The puppy was growing huge on his puppy chow.
11.The little boy appeared happy on his way home from school.
12.I was feeling ill.
13.The winner is Erin!
14.Quinn is the baby.
15.They are growing taller by the day.
16.She looked gorgeous in her new dress.
17.Dinner smelled delicious.
18.Ms Gibson was our teacher last year.
19.She is an actress with beautiful long hair.
20.You are our hero forever.