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I ntransitive Linking Verbs
Lesson 4-11
Prompt:The final verb form is the intransitive linking verb. These verbs link the subject to a noun or adjective in the predicate. As previously learned in your study, these are usually the state-of-being verbs.
Example:Consider these sentences: 1) "Bill is my brother." The verb "is" links the subject Bill to the noun "brother" in the predicate. 2) "Bill is bashful." The verb "is" links the subject "Bill" to the adjective "bashful" in the predicate.
Directions:In each sentence below, an intransitive linking verb is used. Click to select the word in the predicate (noun or adjective) that is linked to the subject.
1.The players are heros.
2.Dinner smells good.
3.I feel better.
4.He is the captain.
5.That lady is my mother.
6.We are the winners.
7.The children have been good.
8.The plane was very late.
9.We were sorry.
10.She was growing tall.
11.The crowd appeared confused.
12.Jane felt fine.
13.It is I.
14.Ms Jones is our teacher.
15.Dinner was delicious.
16.They grew older together.
17.In her new dress, she looked beautiful.
18.The roses smelled sweet.
19.The story sounded strange.
20.I am the author.