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T ransitive Active Verbs
Lesson 4-1
Prompt:Action verbs and action verb phrases may transfer action to a noun or pronoun object in the predicate. We call such verbs "transitive active."
Example:Consider this sentence: "The boy hit the ball." The noun "ball" receives the action of the verb "hit" and is the direct object of the verb.
Directions:In the following sentences, click to select the direct object of the verb.
1.The pitcher pitched the ball.
2.The wind blew the leaves.
3.The children were shoveling the snow.
4.The family was eating their dinner.
5.The company hired Mr. Jones.
6.The council held a meeting.
7.The tailor pressed the suit.
8.We shall choose him.
9.The bat hit the ball.
10.The storm threatened the island.
11.Please set the table.
12.The crowd applauded the actors.
13.Please choose me.
14.She sought his acceptance.
15.Bill writes many letters.
16.The legislature passed a law.
17.Have you read that novel.
18.They learned new songs.
19.The surfer rode the wave.
20.Please cancel the class.