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T he Present Participle as Verb and Verbal (Continued)
Lesson 3-6
Prompt:We have found that the "ing" present participle of each present tense verb may be used as a verb phrase or as a verbal adjective — a participle.
Example:As a verb form: "They are arriving." As an adjective: "The arriving cars are new."
Directions:Each sentence below contains a present participle used as the verb phrase or as a verbal adjective. Do the following: 1) click to select the present participle (and /or complete phrase) in each sentence, and 2) click to select below whether the present participle in the prior sentence is used as a verb phrase or is used as a verbal adjective.
1.We are watching the sunrise.
2.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
3.The chirping insects could be heard all through the night.
4.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
5.The storm brought howling winds.
6.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
7.The child is standing near the back door.
8.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
9.After we finish breakfast, we are going to town.
10.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
11.As the town clown, I am performing in the parade.
12.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
13.Over the mountain to the east, the sun's rays are streaming.
14.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
15.Like an eagle in the wind, he is gliding above the earth.
16.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
17.The bright glowing sun was a welcomed sight.
18.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
19.We drove around the corner and saw a dazzling sight.
20.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
21.At the end of the road, a blinding light stopped us.
22.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
23.I am doubting my senses.
24.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)
25.The light is disappearing in the distance.
26.(used as a verb phrase) (used as a verbal adjective)