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M odule 3 Self-Test
Exercise 3-45
Directions:Read each question below and do as directed. The answer to each sentence may include more than one word or phrase. There are sixty questions.
1-20:Do the following: 1) click to select the verb or verb phrase in each of the following sentences, and 2) click to select below whether the verb tense formed in the prior sentence is formed from the present tense, present participle, past tense, or the past participle.
1.We will be building a new library.
2.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
3.We usually employ the best contractor available.
4.(present) (present participle) (past) (past Participle)
5.I have written to every contractor in the state.
6.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
7.The architects are drawing the plans.
8.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
9.I wrote a letter to the president of the college.
10.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
11.I will begin the planning process.
12.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
13.Writers have completed all the articles.
14.(present) (Present participle) (past) (past participle)
15.Shall we attempt to write all the building specifications?
16.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
17.I now enlist all staff in this project.
18.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
19.I do write every month.
20.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
21-40:Each sentence below contains a verbal as a single word or as a phrase. Do the following: 1) click to select the verbal form in each sentence, and 2) click to select below whether the verbal (word or phrase) in the prior sentence is participle/participial, gerund/gerundial, or infinitive.
21.Having good manners is an important asset.
22.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
23.A computing program will be of value.
24.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
25.To learn the operations of the personal computer is a worthwhile goal.
26.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
27.Attending computer classes, a person slowly learns the skills.
28.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
29.Confused by so many systems, a computer student must study carefully.
30.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
31.As a student, I desire to learn computer programming.
32.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
33.Learning hightech skills has been my goal.
34.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
35.Failing is not a word in our vocabulary.
36.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
37.To have learned computer skills will be its own reward.
38.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
39.Prepared for a future in technology, I will begin.
40.(participle/ial) (gerund/ial) (infinitive)
41-60:Click to select the correct verb in each sentence.
41.Our swim team has (swam) (swum) every day.
42.Our team (ate) (eaten) there last week.
43.The old rope (broke) (broken) with the weight.
44.Has the drama coach (chose) (chosen) the cast for the play?
45.The entire student body (came) (come) to the first game.
46.The water bucket had been (drank) (drunk) dry.
47.Sport cars are (drove) (driven) more often.
48.That family has (flew) (flown) south every year.
49.The basketball team was (saw) (seen) on television.
50.These lessons shall never be (forgot) (forgotten).
51.The ice cold water (froze) (frozen) my hand.
52.The gold medal was (gave) (given) to the winner.
53.All the children (went) (gone) to the playground.
54.Our city population has (grew) (grown) by twenty thousand.
55.Has that horse been (rode) (ridden) before?
56.I wish I had (know) (known) these things before.
57.Yesterday, I (spoke) (spoken) to the class.
58.Her scarf was (stole) (stolen) at recess.
59.The team (wore) (worn) their game jerseys on Friday.
60.I have (wrote) (written) forty-eight exercises.