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C umulative Review
Quiz 3-44
Prompt:We have studied the principal parts of verbs to include the present and past participles, regular and irregular verb forms, future tense, and three verbals: the present and past participle, the gerund, and the present and past infinitive.
Directions:Read each question below and do as directed. There are eighty-four questions.
1-34:Do the following: 1) click to select the verb or verb phrase in each of the following sentences, and 2) click to select below whether the verb tense formed in the prior sentence is formed from the present tense, present participle, past tense, or the past participle.
1.We will be considering the past participle as a verbal.
2.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
3.We usually use the past participle as a verb phrase.
4.(present) (present participle) (past) (past Participle)
5.I have written many sentences with past participles.
6.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
7.Past participles are taking the same pattern.
8.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
9.I wrote a past participle in sentence three.
10.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
11.I will begin to write the present participle.
12.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
13.Writers have completed all the verb tenses.
14.(present) (Present participle) (past) (past participle)
15.Shall we attempt to write all the tenses?
16.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
17.The present and past participles come as verb phrases.
18.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
19.I do write verb phrases.
20.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
21.I am also writing another verb phrase.
22.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
23.I will show you another verb phrase.
24.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
25.I have presented all the principal verb forms.
26.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
27.We are completing the cumulative review.
28.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
29.At ten P.M., I stopped for the evening.
30.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
31.I will make the future tense with the present tense.
32.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
33.In this sentence, I shall have completed a future tense with the past participle.
34.(present) (present participle) (past) (past participle)
35-64:Each sentence below contains a verbal as a single word or as a phrase. Do the following: 1) click to select the verbal form in each sentence, and 2) click to select below whether the verbal (word or phrase) in the prior sentence is participle/participial, gerund/gerundial, or infinitive.
35.Learning English grammar is an important study.
36.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
37.A writing tablet will be of value.
38.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
39.To learn the patterns of the English sentence is a great goal.
40.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
41.Writing participial phrases, the writer modifies the noun.
42.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
43.Functioning as a noun, the gerund may be the subject.
44.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
45.As a teacher, I desire to teach English grammar.
46.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
47.Surfing on the internet has been a lot of fun.
48.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
49.Failing is not a word in our vocabulary.
50.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
51.To have learned verbals will be our reward.
52.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
53.Written with a past participle, the phrase modifies a noun.
54.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
55.Some students enjoy selecting the answers.
56.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
57.Selecting the correct answer is not always easy.
58.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
59.A student's written record will be of great value.
60.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
61.Keyboarding is an important computer skill.
62.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
63.Identified as a brilliant student, I must end my study.
64.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
65-84:Click to select the correct verb in each sentence.
65.Our aquatics team has (swam) (swum) every day.
66.Our family (ate) (eaten) there last week.
67.The large vase (broke) (broken) when it fell.
68.Has the football coach (chose) (chosen) the first team?
69.The old rusted car (came) (come) to the end of the road.
70.The tin water can had been (drank) (drunk) dry.
71.Small cars are (drove) (driven) more often.
72.That family has (flew) (flown) south every year.
73.The basketball team was (saw) (seen) on television.
74.These lessons shall never be (forgot) (forgotten).
75.The dripping water (froze) (frozen) on my hand.
76.The gold medal was (gave) (given) to the winner.
77.All the children (went) (gone) to school.
78.Our class has (grew) (grown) by five students.
79.Has that horse been (rode) (ridden) before?
80.I wish I had (know) (known) these things before.
81.Yesterday I (spoke) (spoken) to the team.
82.His book was (stole) (stolen) at recess.
83.The team (wore) (worn) their game jerseys.
84.Now I have (wrote) (written) this exercise.