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W ishing For the Future Perfect
Lesson 3-43
Prompt:We have found that the future tense is formed with the helping verbs "shall and will" and the present tense form of a verb as in: "We will go." We also form a future tense by using helping verbs and the past participle as in: "We will have eaten by the time you arrive." The action of the verb will have been perfectly completed in the future.
Directions:Each sentence or clause below contains a future tense verb phrase using the past participle. Click to select only the future tense verb phrase in each sentence or clause.
1.We will be completed by ten P.M.
2.At this pace, the boat will be painted by noon today.
3.If the rain continues, we will be isolated.
4.When the judge gives her decision, they will have been cleared of all charges.
5.If we accept the invitation, we shall be obligated to attend.
6.Of course, we will be determined to win when we play that team.
7.Upon our return, we will have been victorious.
8.Will we have graduated before the honors are presented?
9.By June, she will have published three books.
10.When I am finished, I will have written the last chapter.
11.The student completing this exercise will have learned how to make a future tense with past participles.
12.When the committee meets, will you be chosen?
13.By the time school is out, they will have talked for three hours.
14.At the end of this school year, he will have completed thirty years of service.
15.On my birthday, I will have survived for sixty-five years.