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I dentification of Verbals (Continued)
Lesson 3-42
Prompt:A verbal is a verb form used as another part of speech. A verbal may be one word or a phrase. The three verbal forms are: the participle, the gerund, and the infinitive.
Directions:Each sentence below contains a verbal shown either as one word or as a phrase. Do the following: 1) click to select the one-word verbal or verbal phrase in each sentence, and 2) click to select below whether the verbal in the prior sentence is participle/participial, gerund/gerundial, or infinitive.
1.Flying is a great way to travel.
2.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
3.Relaxing in my seat, I watched the land below.
4.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
5.To travel to faraway places is my goal.
6.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
7.Listening to classical music as I fly is restful.
8.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
9.To have experienced the joy of flight was her one wish.
10.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
11.Have you experienced international flying?
12.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
13.I listen very carefully for the boarding calls.
14.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
15.Traveling by air is a national industry.
16.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
17.Arriving an hour before the flight, I patiently wait.
18.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
19.To feel the surge of the jet engines is an awesome experience.
20.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
21.Flying discounts are periodically advertised.
22.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
23.Arriving at an exotic destination is a rare experience.
24.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
25.Cruising at six miles high, the plane shook with turbulence.
26.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)
27.To have flown from coast to coast was a wish come true.
28.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (infinitive)