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T he Present Participle as Verbal
Lesson 3-4
Prompt:The "ing" form of a present tense verb is called a present participle. A participle is a verb form that may serve as an adjective in a sentence. Such verbs are verbal adjectives.
Example:He wore his running shoes. The "ing" verb "running" is a present participle used as an adjective modifying "shoes."
Directions:Click to select the "ing" present participles used as adjectives in the following sentences.
1.The barking dogs could be heard.
2.We went to the driving range.
3.Please turn off the running water.
4.The students went on a fishing trip.
5.May I have some chewing gum?
6.Please buy me some writing pens.
7.Number thirty-three is the pitching coach.
8.Your singing lesson is at 3:00 P.M.
9.The rotating fan is loud.
10.She was his dancing partner.
11.The group was part of a traveling club.
12.The ringing bells were loud.
13.She bought gardening tools.
14.They left for the riding stables.
15.She was a shining example.
16.We saw the migrating birds.
17.The storm brought freezing rain.
18.We felt the blowing wind.
19.Our purring cat likes to sleep.
20.The shouting crowd gathered around.