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P ast Participle versus Present Participle
Lesson 3-36
Prompt:Present and past participles make expressive and colorful adjectives either as one-word adjectives or as participial phrases.
Directions:Click to select the participle phrases or one-word participles found in the following sentences and click to select below whether the participle or participle phrase is present participle or past participle.
1.The playing field is now dry.
2.(present participle) (past participle)
3.The rain, coming through the window, is cold.
4.(present participle) (past participle)
5.The Ski patrol, frozen to the bone, came inside.
6.(present participle) (past participle)
7.Skilled in the art of conversation, she entertained the group.
8.(present participle) (past participle)
9.Sitting on the lawn, the dog waited for his master.
10.(present participle) (past participle)
11.With their heads, shaved like a billard ball, they emerged.
12.(present participle) (past participle)
13.Interested in the car accident, I crept forward.
14.(present participle) (past participle)
15.Hoping to receive a good grade, she studied hard.
16.(present participle) (past participle)
17.The emergency team came to the stalled car in the snow.
18.(present participle) (past participle)
19.Undisturbed by his son's loud music, the man patiently worked.
20.(present participle) (past participle)
21.Driving through her home town, she remembered her childhood.
22.(present participle) (past participle)
23.These are the known facts.
24.(present participle) (past participle)
25.The woman comforted her crying child.
26.(present participle) (past participle)