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T he Past Participle as Verbal (Continued)
Lesson 3-35
Prompt:Just like the present participle, the past participle may be used as a one-word adjective or be combined with prepositional phrases or other words to form an adjective phrase.
Example:The past participle phrase is underlined in the following sentence: "Frightened by the dog, the boy retreated."
Directions:Click to select the past participle phrases or one-word past participles found in the following sentences.
1.Sewn by her mother, her new dress was beautiful.
2.The dress replaced her faded blue jumper.
3.Encouraged by the good news, the team vowed to win.
4.The workmen, overwhelmed by the storm, worked hard.
5.Overcome by the emotion of the moment, she was speechless.
6.The cowboy wore his tattered shirt.
7.The last song, sung by the choir, is my favorite.
8.All day long the simple-minded man sat in the park.
9.Caught between two worlds, the new immigrants landed.
10.With jackets thrown across their shoulders they walked.
11.Bent down by the weight of their loads, they toiled.
12.The weary travelers, stranded by the storm, waited.
13.Ann's broken leg was healing nicely.
14.Interrupted by the referee's whistle, the play stopped.
15.The first runner, delayed by the train, ran hard.
16.Do you know how to prepare dried food?
17.I much prefer canned food.
18.Tired from her labors, the old woman slowly walked home.
19.Swollen by the rainstorms, the rivers ran full.
20.Have you tasted frozen custard?