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T he Past Participle as Verbal
Lesson 3-34
Prompt:As we have found, a verbal is a verb form that can be used as another part of speech. Just like the present participle, the past participle of any verb can be used as an adjective.
Example:The past participle used as an adjective is underlined in the following sentence: "The forgotten page lay on the desk."
Directions:Click to select the one-word past participle adjective found in each sentence below.
1.He wore his worn sneakers.
2.Her disappointed expression was seen by all present.
3.We approached the forbidden beach.
4.This is certainly a wind-blown prairie.
5.The frozen spectators looked with amazement.
6.The troop looked for the hidden cave.
7.The children arrived with broken spirits.
8.Bill shampooed the flea-bitten dog.
9.The chosen students will be notified.
10.The police have stopped the drunk driver.
11.The wind-driven snow formed drifts.
12.The drifted snow blocked the driveway.
13.The blocked driveway must be cleared.
14.We all enjoyed seeing the cleared driveway.
15.They listened carefully to the spoken words.
16.All of the stolen equipment lay on the floor.
17.The torn flag waved in the breeze.
18.As the movie ended, the shaken audience cried.
19.Sworn oaths are hard to change.
20.The written law is the final authority.