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I rregular Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 3-32
Prompt:There are many irregular verbs with the same word in the past and past participle.
Directions:In the paired sentences below, click to select the correct form of the verb (past or past participle) for each sentence. Since the words are the same, the first word indicates past tense and the second word indicates past participle.
1.Please bring my coat. We have (brought) (brought) money.
2.May I buy lunch? You (bought) (bought) lunch last time.
3.Don't burst the bubble. He has (burst) (burst) his bubble.
4.Catch the ball. I (caught) (caught) every ball you threw.
5.Will we climb the hill? I have (climbed) (climbed) mountains.
6.Do cling to your beliefs. She has (clung) (clung) to her beliefs.
7.Please deal the cards. Have you been (dealt) (dealt) a good hand?
8.Do you dive? Jim (dived or dove) (dived or dove) from the platform.
9.Don't drag your coat. The coat has been (dragged) (dragged) through the mud.
10.I dream of summer. I have never (dreamed or dreamt) (dreamed or dreamt) of winter.
11.Please don't drown. We nearly (drowned) (drowned) in the storm.
12.Fight the good fight. We have always (fought) (fought) against the odds.
13.Will the fleas flee? They all (fled) (fled) on foot.
14.Please don't fling your clothing. Her sweater was (flung) (flung) over her shoulder.
15.Hang my shirt in the closet. I (hung) (hung) my coat on the chair.
16.Do they hang people? That person was accidently (hanged) (hanged) to death.
17.She did hear the noise. She has (heard) (heard) the noise before.
18.Hold your horses! The rider (held) (held) the reins in his hand.
19.You keep your promise. I have (kept) (kept) mine.
20.Will you teach the class? I (taught) (taught) last year.