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I rregular Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 3-31
Prompt:When used as a verb, the past participle comes with a helping verb and forms a verb phrase.
Directions:In the paired sentences below, click to select the correct form of the verb (past or past participle) for each sentence.
1.Ted gives scuba lessons. He has (gave) (given) ten lessons.
2.We often go skating. Sunday we (went) (gone) skating.
3.They grow corn. Last summer they (grew) (grown) ten acres.
4.He does know the story. The story has been (knew) (known).
5.Cowboys ride horses. Horses are (rode) (ridden) daily.
6.May I ring this bell? They (rang) (rung) that bell.
7.They will run today. They (ran) (run) yesterday.
8.I rarely shake. The tablecloth was (shook) (shaken).
9.I must shrink my shirt. Shirts have been (shrank) (shrunk).
10.Should I drink milk? I have often (drank) (drunk) milk.
11.We could sing. We (sang) (sung) at our office party.
12.Please drive the car. Ann's mother (drove) (driven) today.
13.May I speak? Yesterday the principal (spoke) (spoken).
14.Never steal. These items may be (stole) (stolen).
15.Crackers swim in soup. The team (swam) (swum) in our pool.
16.I shall take a nap. Have you (took) (taken) a catnap?
17.I might tear my coat. Bill(tore) (torn) his today.
18.May we throw snowballs? Jack (threw) (thrown) snow at us.
19.What shall we wear? We should have (wore) (worn) cotton.
20.Please write. Holiday letters should be (wrote) (written).