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I rregular Verbs
Lesson 3-30
Prompt:Some verbs are called "irregular" verbs because they do not form the past and past participle with "ed" endings.
Directions:In each paired sentences below, click to select the correct form of the verb (past or past participle) for each sentence.
1.I swim each morning. Yesterday I (swam) (swum).
2.We eat late. We have (ate) (eaten) late every day.
3.They arise at dawn. They have (arose) (arisen) early.
4.Our dog bites. Yesterday he (bit) (bitten) me.
5.The wind often blows. It has (blew) (blown) hard today.
6.She breaks hearts. My heart has been (broke) (broken).
7.Choose your lab partner. I have been (chose) (chosen).
8.I rarely come to dances. I (came) (come) late today.
9.I do homework daily. I have (did) (done) the assignment.
10.I drink milk. Saturday I (drank) (drunk) six glasses.
11.He drives me crazy. I have been (drove) (driven) far.
12.They fly Northwest? Have you (flew) (flown) that airline?
13.She sees well. Today she (saw) (seen) that movie.
14.I see her often. Have you (saw) (seen) her this week?
15.Did you forget? I have never (forgot) (forgotten).
16.Did the water freeze? Last night the water (froze) (frozen).
17.I give to charity. I have (gave) (given) every year.
18.They often go to town. Today they (went) (gone) to town.
19.She grows flowers. Last summer she (grew) (grown) roses.
20.I know the answer. I have (know) (known) for days.