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I ntensifying The Present Tense
Lesson 3-3
Prompt:A present tense verb form may also be used as a verb phrase when "do","did", and "does" are used to intensify the meaning of the verb.
Example:I do study hard. He does study hard. I did study hard.
Directions:Click to select the present tense verb phrase in the following sentences.
1.The birds do sing beautifully.
2.She does know her mind.
3.The team did score in the first quarter.
4.Do help me!
5.The answer did help us.
Note:When the sentence is a question, the word order is sometimes reversed. Notice how the noun subject is within the verb phrase in the following three questions. Continue to click and select the verb phrase.
6.Do you sing on key?
7.Does this jacket come in red?
8.Did you bring your books today?
9.He does desire to be the best.
10.The football team did win on Friday.
11.Does that make us champions?
12.Jan, do sing in our choir.
13.Do you understand the consequences?
14.The principal did make the right decision.
15.Your arrival does improve our chances.
16.Did you arrive on time?
17.I do love to write songs.
18.They did ski all day long.
19.The author does try his best.