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P ast Tense versus Past Participle
Lesson 3-28
Prompt:At this point in your study, you may have noticed that past tense verbs are used by themselves and past participles are used with helping verbs. This is a similar pattern to the present tense verbs.
Directions:A past tense or past participle verb form is used in each sentence below. Click to select the verb or verb phrase in each sentence.
1.You drank my milk. You have drunk my milk every day.
2.She has spoken to the students. I spoke to them yesterday.
3.He wore his red shirt. He has worn that shirt each Friday.
4.They have completed the task. They completed the building.
5.I swam three miles today. I have swum ten miles in a day.
6.You forgot to call me. You have forgotten to call before.
7.Have you paid for that merchandise? I paid for mine.
8.She has played the piano before. She played my song.
9.Have they arrived? They have arrived late every day.
10.My dad painted our house. He has painted it every year.
11.That writer has written many books. He wrote this one.
12.I have known this for some time. I knew it in March.
13.You have really grown this year. You grew two inches.
14.She has quickly identified the past participle.