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R egular and Irregular Verbs
Lesson 3-27
Prompt:Verbs that form the past tense and the past participle by adding "ed" to the present tense are called "regular verbs"; verbs that do not are called "irregular verbs".
Directions:Below are listed the principal parts of many common verbs. Review each verb and click to select whether the verb is a regular verb or an irregular verb.
Present  Present     Past       Past
Tense    Participle  Tense      Participle
1.ring     ringing     rang       rung           (regular) (irregular)
2.talk     talking     talked     talked         (regular) (irregular)
3.give     giving      gave       given          (regular) (irregular)
4.lie      lying       lay        lain           (regular) (irregular)
5.freeze   freezing    froze      frozen         (regular) (irregular)
6.scrape   scraping    scraped    scraped        (regular) (irregular)
7.rock     rocking     rocked     rocked         (regular) (irregular)
8.bake     baking      baked      baked          (regular) (irregular)
9.get      getting     got        gotten or got  (regular) (irregular)
10.hide     hiding      hid        hidden         (regular) (irregular)
11.listen   listening   listened   listened       (regular) (irregular)
12.write    writing     wrote      written        (regular) (irregular)
13.rip      ripping     ripped     ripped         (regular) (irregular)
14.burst    bursting    burst      burst          (regular) (irregular)
15.hold     holding     held       held           (regular) (irregular)
16.mold     molding     molded     molded         (regular) (irregular)
17.surf     surfing     surfed     surfed         (regular) (irregular)
18.swim     swimming    swam       swum           (regular) (irregular)
19.drink    drinking    drank      drunk          (regular) (irregular)
20.fall     falling     fell       fallen         (regular) (irregular)