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P ast Tense Verbs
Lesson 3-26
Prompt:In our study we have found that the present tense form of a verb is composed of the present tense verb and the present participle. In like manner, the past tense form of a verb is composed of the past tense and the past participle.
Example:Past tense: "I sang yesterday." Past participle: "I have sung every day."
Directions:Below are listed sentences containing past tense verb forms. Click to select the verb or verb phrase in each word group showing past tense verb forms.
1.I walked three miles today. I have walked every day.
2.He went to town. He has gone to town every day this week.
3.They sang on Sunday. They have sung for years.
4.She arose at five. She has arisen early every day.
5.He lighted the tall candle. Now he has lighted all candles. (or lit)
6.She began the story. We have begun to listen.
7.The machine bent the metal. The machine has bent five sheets.
8.We bound hay bales yesterday. We have never bound hay before.
9.I broke my promise. I have never broken a promise before.
10.They built a house last year. They have built houses before.
11.The water main burst today. It has burst every year.
12.The wind blew for ten hours. It has blown every day.
13.I caught a cold. I have caught a bad cold every winter.
14.The team chose their captain. They have chosen Bill.
15.I held my breath. I have held my breath often.
16.My boss required my attendance. He has called often.
17.I saw him yesterday. I have seen him every day.
18.They froze on the way home. Jim was frozen stiff.
19.He ran on the track team. He has run every year.
20.She spoke to me yesterday. She has spoken every day.