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F orming the Future Tense
Lesson 3-25
Prompt:The present tense of a verb is also used to form the future tense of the verb. The helping verbs "shall" and "will" are combined with the present tense verb to show that the action is to take place in the future. "Shall" is used most commonly to express an obligation or ask a question.
Note:"Will" has almost replaced "shall" in american english.
Directions:Click to select the future tense verb phrase used in each of the following sentences.
1.We will attend the dance. We will be attending the dance.
2.He will arrive at dawn. He will be arriving at dawn.
3.They will bring his gift. They will be bringing his gift.
4.I will be the winner. I will be delivering the goods.
5.You shall go in my place. You will be going at eight.
6.The bus will arrive on time. The bus will be arriving soon.
7.I will surely endure the game. I will soon be enduring.
8.They will invite their friends. They will be inviting friends.
9.The team will practice hard. The team will be practicing.
10.Will you be attending? Will you attend the game?
11.Shall all of us plan to attend? We will be preparing.
12.I will always sing in the shower. I will soon be singing.
13.He will beautifully sing bass. She will be singing soprano.
14.They will barely acknowledge us. They will be watching.
15.I will be there. Will the students be assembling?
16.Being required to attend, I shall attend the trial.
17.That I shall pay fifty dollars is contractual.
18.Shall the team pack for the trip?
19.I shall be committing my self if I use the word "shall".
20.I will be describing if I use the word "will".