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C umulative Review
Quiz 3-23
Prompt:We now have considered the present tense verb form and three verbals formed from the present tense — the present participle, the gerund, and the present infinitive.
Directions:Read each question below and do as directed.
1-10:Click to select the verb phrase in each sentence and click to select below whether the phrase is present tense or is present participle.
1.I did learn this lesson well.
2.(present tense) (present participle)
3.I am going to class at three o'clock.
4.(present tense) (present participle)
5.They are attempting to climb the wall.
6.(present tense) (present participle)
7.He does not intend to lose this game.
8.(present tense) (present participle)
9.I am slowly drifting away.
10.(present tense) (present participle)
11-26:Click to select the verbal or verbal phrase in each sentence, and click to select below whether the word or phrase in the prior sentence is participle/participial, gerund/gerundial or present infinitive.
11.Surfing on the California coast is a great sport.
12.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
13.Most surfers love to ride the large hollow waves.
14.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
15.Arriving at the surf before dawn, the surfers get ready.
16.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
17.Some surfers enjoy warming themselves by the fire.
18.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
19.To wear a wetsuit is the only guard against the cold.
20.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
21.Bobbing like corks in the water, the surfers watch the waves.
22.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
23.Hanging ten on a surfboard is an outrageous experience.
24.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
25.For many hours, we avoid leaving the water.
26.(participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)