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I dentification of Verbals (Continued)
Lesson 3-22
Prompt:As part of the present tense verb form, three verbals have been presented — The present participle, The gerund, and The present infinitive.
Directions:Each sentence below contains a verbal to include verbal phrases. Do the following: 1) click to select the verbal or verbal phrase in each sentence, and 2) click to select below whether the verbal in each sentence is present participle/participial, gerund/gerundial, or present infinitive.
1.Ocean fishing can be a lot of fun.
2.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
3.Rising before the sunrise, we head for the pier.
4.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
5.To buy coffee and donuts is a big treat.
6.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
7.Our fishing poles are ready in the car.
8.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
9.We have come a long distance in the early morning to fish.
10.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
11.Overhead casting is prohibited on the pier.
12.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
13.Pointing our poles downward, we can cast below the pier.
14.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
15.I was elected by the group to cut up the bait.
16.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present Infinitive)
17.To catch the biggest fish was my personal goal.
18.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
19.Manta rays and small sharks were ready to fight.
20.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
21.Yelling his surprise, a small boy landed a shark.
22.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
23.To catch such a fish was not expected.
24.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
25.Fighting the fish with all his strength, the boy won.
26.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)
27.Fishing in the ocean will always be my favorite sport.
28.(present participle/participial) (gerund/gerundial) (present infinitive)