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T he Infinitive Phrase as Verbal (Continued)
Lesson 3-20
Prompt:Just like the other verbals, the infinitive can form phrases. These phrases are usually used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.
Example:Consider the following: "To graduate by June is my goal." The infinitive phrase used as a noun is underlined.
Directions:Click to select the infinitive phrases found in the following sentences.
1.To participate in high school football is a great experience.
2.Many years ago, I chose to join the fall sport.
3.To play in leather helmets was my idea of fun.
4.Once hit in the head, I was able to see stars in daylight.
5.To recognize the football players was easy.
6.To understand the player's motivation was not so easy.
7.To see broken and bruised noses was not enjoyable.
8.A boy desired to be a football hero.
9.To be a hit with all the girls is what they wanted.
10.Some boys just wanted to sit on the bench.
11.I found it fun to tackle the other team's runners.
12.To catch a pass for a touchdown was my dream come true.
13.To practice hard and not to play would be disappointing. (Two phrases are used as one)
14.Being the quarterback, Bill was required to call plays.
15.To yell signals and to run the ball was difficult.
16.I loved to block down field.
17.To play games on snow covered fields was an experience.
18.We always desired to play our very best.
19.To win always and never to lose was not our lot.
20.To travel across the state to play was a lot of fun.