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P resent Tense Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 3-2
Prompt:The present tense verb is usually used as it is: "I often sing." The "ing" form of the verb is always used with helping verbs as a verb phrase: "He is singing."
Directions:Click to select the present tense verb or verb phrase in the following sentences.
1.Bluebirds sing at dawn. The birds are singing with delight.
2.The dog is barking loudly. The dog barks at strangers.
3.The plants are growing like weeds. Weeds grow everywhere.
4.Fish swim in schools. The Mackerel are swimming.
5.I am smiling now. I frown often.
6.Batters hit homeruns. The team is hitting every pitch.
7.Pitch the ball to me. I am pitching hardball.
8.Catch the ball! You are catching the flu.
9.The winter winds blow hard. The winds are blowing today.
10.Paint the barn for me. I am painting the barn.
11.We begin our meals with prayer. We are praying now.
12.Mother is knitting me a sweater. She knits every evening.
13.They are watching a movie. They watch horror movies.
14.I fight for my rights. I am fighting a legal case.
15.The hills are turning green this spring. Turn the page.
16.I vote my conscious. We are voting this spring.
17.Listen to my story. We are listening to the speaker.
18.You are blocking my path. Move aside!
19.The crew is sailing into the wind. We sail every day.
20.We click to learn. We are selecting verbs.