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T he Infinitive Phrase as Verbal
Lesson 3-19
Prompt:The infinitive may be combined with prepositional phrases or other words to form a phrase. The infinitive phrase is used mostly as nouns. They may also serve as adjectives and adverbs.
Example:Consider the following: "To go on a long trip is my desire." The underlined infinitive phrase is the subject of the verb "is".
Directions:Click to select the infinitive phrases found in each of the following sentences.
1.To be going on a long trip is exciting.
2.To be or not to be is the question.
3.To be the apple of her eye is difficult.
4.I know that he wants to sing in the choir.
5.Do you want to participate with the class?
6.To see my future before my eyes is frightening.
7.From the plane I was able to see beyond the horizon.
8.Do you expect to continue with that attitude?
9.Infinitives are able to form verbal phrases.
10.My task is to compose infinitive phrases.
11.We like to use infinitive phrases.
12.To improve our writing skills is our goal.
13.To use swear words in coversation is not appreciated.
14.I am going to visit Disneyland.
15.Our coach wanted us to volunteer for the trip.
16.The cast desired to practice into the night.
17.The store is willing to refund your money.
18.We are going directly to see the teacher.
19.Their knowing how to write infinitive phrases is desired.
20.To sing and to dance are fun activities.