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T he Present Infinitive as Verbal
Lesson 3-18
Prompt:The present tense verb also forms the "present infinitive" by combining the word "to" to the verb. The result is a verbal that is used mostly as a noun but may also be used as an adjective or adverb.
Example:The present infinitive of the verb "sing" is to sing. In the sentence: "To sing is his compassion." The present infinitive "to sing" is used as the subject of the verb "is".
Directions:Each sentence below contains a present infinitive. Click to select all the infinitives in each sentence.
1.To dream is possible. My quest is to dream.
2.To seek shall be my role.
3.To reach and to attain can be possible.
4.To avoid work is to fail.
5.To arise before five A.M. is my habit.
6.The team has the will to win.
7.I shall always attempt to follow my heart.
8.Being tired, I went home to sleep.
9.If you are unable to complete this assignment, see me.
10.To write and to make the words behave is fun.
11.Some people do not care to join us.
12.Her desire to succeed was strong.
13.We desire to know the patterns of the present infinitive.
14.To identify the present infinitive is easy.
15.Our goal is to understand and to use the infinitive.
16.The most common pattern is to use the infinitive as a noun.
17.To use the preposition "to" with the verb is interesting.
18.The result is to make "to" part of the present infinitive.
19.Later we are destined to discover a past infinitive.
20.To understand the patterns of the infinitive takes study.