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Quiz 3-17
Prompt:Your study has introduced you to the present tense verb with its "ing" form. We have found that the "ing" verb may be used as a verb phrase or used as a verbal or verbal phrase. The two verbals we have studied are the gerund (gerundial) and the present participle (participial).
Directions:Read each question below and do as directed.
1-5:Click to select the present tense verb to include the complete verb phrase (if present) in each sentence below.
1.I brush my teeth each morning. I am brushing my teeth.
2.We are learning about verbs. I learn every day.
3.I sneeze often. I am sneezing!
4.They are falling in love. Did you fall in love?
5.I did complete the lesson. Jim does know the answers.
6-15:Click to select the verbal in each sentence, and then click to select below whether the word is a gerund or a present participle.
6.The pouting children huddled in the corner.
7.(gerund) (present participle)
8.Forgetting is not easy.
9.(gerund) (present participle)
10.I think they hurt his feelings.
11.(gerund) (present participle)
12.Verbalizing is a special talent.
13.(gerund) (present participle)
14.We hiked into the forest to watch the falling leaves.
15.(gerund) (present participle)
16-23:Click to select the verbal phrase in each sentence, and click to select below whether the phrase in the prior sentence is gerundial or participial.
16.Breaking the silence of the morning, the workers began.
17.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
18.Hammering through the day is hard work.
19.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
20.Like ants, swarming over the house, the workers labored.
21.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
22.We certainly enjoy watching the progress.
23.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)