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P hrases: Verb versus Gerundial versus Participial (Continued)
Lesson 3-16
Prompt:The "ing" present participle of present tense verbs is usually found in sentences as a verb phrase, gerundial phrase, or participial phrase.
Directions:Click to select a present tense verb phrase, a gerundial phrase, or a participial phrase as found in each sentence below. Then, click to select below the sentence whether the phrase is a verb phrase, a gerundial phrase, or a participial phrase.
1.The popping of the fireworks died off in the distance.
2.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
3.Celebrating the Fourth of July is always fun.
4.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
5.Our family is traveling to Oregon this Fourth of July.
6.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
7.Marching to the beat of the drums is a lot of fun.
8.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
9.Quick-stepping down Fifth Street, the band started to play.
10.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
11.Have you ever considered leading a band?
12.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
13.We especially enjoy the band's marching to a fast beat.
14.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
15.Holding her baton over her head, the bandleader whistled.
16.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
17.Like thunder, breaking the silence, the drums rolled.
18.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
19.Twirling the baton, the leader moved the large band forward.
20.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
21.This massive body is moving down the street.
22.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
23.The clashing of the cymbals could be heard above the music.
24.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
25.Executing a precise corner turn, the band turned the corner.
26.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
27.Echoing through the streets, the music lingered on.
28.(verb phrase) (gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)