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T he Gerundial Phrase versus The Participial Phrase (Continued)
Lesson 3-14
Prompt:We have found that a gerundial phrase serves as a noun, and a participial phrase serves as an adjective.
Directions:Do the following: 1) click to select the gerundial or the participial phrase found in each sentence below, and 2) click to select below the sentence whether the phrase used in the sentence is a gerundial phrase or a participial phrase.
1.Risking their very lives, the climbers started up the cliff.
2.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
3.Belaying with ropes was the most difficult task.
4.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
5.The climbers dreaded the job of setting up camp at night.
6.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
7.Going hand over hand up the rope ladder was exhausting.
8.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
9.Hammering pitons into the rock, the group inched upward.
10.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
11.Not one climber was fond of sleeping on the rock face.
12.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
13.Being attached to the rope, the sleeping bag dangled.
14.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
15.Dropping into the teens, the temperature frosted the rock.
16.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
17.Have you ever imagined sleeping in a hanging sleeping bag?
18.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
19.Swinging from side to side, the bag was buffeted by the winds.
20.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
21.Shedding his bag cocoon, the cold, weary climber arose.
22.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
23.His wearing fur lined leather gloves helped him climb.
24.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
25.Like a caterpillar, attaching itself to the cliff, the team of climbers inched forward.
26.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
27.Arriving at the summit was exhilarating.
28.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)