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T he Gerundial Phrase versus The Participial Phrase
Lesson 3-13
Prompt:As we have found, the "ing" form of the present tense verb, when combined with prepositional phrases and other words, may serve as a gerundial phrase as a noun or a participial phrase as an adjective. The use of the phrase determines its function.
Example:1) As a gerundial phrase: "Skating near the edge is dangerous." The gerundial phrase is the noun subject of the verb "is." 2) As a participial phrase: "Skating near the edge, Tom fell." The participial phrase is an adjective modifying the noun "Tom."
Directions:Each sentence below contains a verbal phrase. Click to select the complete verbal phrase in each sentence, and click to select below each sentence whether the phrase is a gerundial phrase or a participial phrase.
1.His skateboarding on my sidewalk makes me angry.
2.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
3.Drinking all my milk, Jack ate my cake too.
4.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
5.Playing football this fall was my first goal.
6.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
7.My second goal was applying for college.
8.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
9.Placing a stamp on the envelope, I mailed the letter.
10.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
11.Her using the computer helped her study.
12.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
13.Selecting these phrases is a great way to learn.
14.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
15.Our identifying verbal phrases helps us learn.
16.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
17.Straightening his tie, the speaker began his speech.
18.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
19.Speaking for an hour, the speaker suddenly stopped.
20.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
21.Standing and stretching our arms, we left the building.
22.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)
23.Writing for three hours gives me muscle spasms.
24.(gerundial phrase) (participial phrase)