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T he Gerundial Phrase
Lesson 3-12
Prompt:The "ing" gerund is often combined with other words or a prepositional phrase to form a gerundial phrase. The gerundial phrase is used as a noun.
Example:"Running on the beach is fun." "Running on the beach" is the gerundial phrase and serves as the subject of the verb "is." A single comma does not separate this noun phrase from its verb.
Directions:Click to select all the words in the gerundial phrase in each sentence below.
1.Dancing until midnight is exhausting but fun.
2.Their winning the game excited us all.
3.Our knowing the answers gave us an advantage.
4.They were prepared for the singing on the bus.
5.Learning gerundial phrases is not that difficult.
6.Preparing for exams frustrates some students.
7.His forgetting his books was annoying.
8.Acting as a noun is the function of the gerundial phrase.
9.Serving as an adjective is the job of the participial phrase.
10.Using a gerund or a participle is the writer's choice.
11.Her reading several books at once is remarkable.
12.Knowing grammar shall help my writing.
13.Writing gerundial phrases will be impressive.
14.Their knowing present participial phrases shocked me.
15.Loving my profession keeps me happy.
16.Punctuating the gerundial phrase is easier.
17.Separating the gerundial phrase from the verb is incorrect.
18.Correcting his work is never easy.
19.Completing this last sentence is my goal.