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T he Gerund versus The Present Participle
Lesson 3-11
Prompt:The "ing" form of a present tense verb may be a gerund or a present participle.
Example:As a gerund: "Dancing is great fun." (used as a noun)
As a participle: "Get my dancing shoes." (used as an adjective)
Directions:Each sentence below contains a gerund or a present participle. Click to select the "ing" verbal and click to select below each sentence whether the verbal is a gerund or a participle.
1.Are we going to the skating party?
2.(gerund) (participle)
3.His gambling is a problem.
4.(gerund) (participle)
5.Will our talking keep you awake?
6.(gerund) (participle)
7.Discouraging news was being broadcast on all channels.
8.(gerund) (participle)
9.His challenging life could be written as a novel.
10.(gerund) (participle)
11.We enjoy walking.
12.(gerund) (participle)
13.Their condescending attitude was not appreciated.
14.(gerund) (participle)
15.On vacation we enjoyed snorkeling.
16.(gerund) (participle)
17.Her teaching style was unusual.
18.(gerund) (participle)
19.In grandma's kitchen, we enjoyed the smells of her cooking.
20.(gerund) (participle)
21.Grandpa has a special recipe for pickling.
22.(gerund) (participle)
23.His tantalizing meals were well known.
24.(gerund) (participle)
25.We saw a whole parade of prancing horses.
26.(gerund) (participle)
27.Graduating was her goal.
28.(gerund) (participle)