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T he Gerund as a Verbal
Lesson 3-10
Prompt:The "ing" form of the present tense verb may also be used as a noun. This verbal noun is known as a "gerund."
Example:Consider the following: "Running is great fun." The gerund "running" serves as the subject of the verb "is." Or, "We enjoy eating." The gerund "eating" is used as a noun object of the verb "enjoy."
Directions:Click to select the gerund in each of the sentences below.
1.Swimming is a great sport.
2.Bicycling strengthens leg muscles.
3.Girls are fond of dancing.
4.Their singing is improving.
5.His driving concerns his parents.
6.The surfing at Trestles is best.
7.Negotiating is an art.
8.His excessive working was a problem.
9.Keyboarding is now a required subject.
10.We prefer ocean fishing.
11.The best form of exercise is rowing.
12.For all the coach's coaching, Ted's play did not improve.
13.Our procrastinating made the problem worse.
14.My snoring is becoming a problem.
15.We much prefer their performing.
16.That family is fond of barbecuing.
17.Because of all the complaining, they left.
18.We study due to our interest in writing.