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P resent Tense Verbs
Lesson 3-1
Prompt:The present tense of a verb is the basic verb itself and its "ing" form. The present tense shows a present fact or an action progressing. The "ing" verb always comes as a verb phrase.
Example:I walk. I am walking. She sings. She is singing.
Directions:Click to select the present tense verb or the present tense "ing" verb phrase in the following sentences.
1.I eat breakfast every morning. I am eating my breakfast.
2.I learn lessons every day. Now I am learning about verbs.
3.Boys tease girls. Jim is teasing Sally.
4.They read books in class. They are reading Tom Sawyer.
5.The team usually wins its games. The team is winning today.
6.Grandmother crochets afghans. Grandmother is crocheting.
7.We walk to school. We are walking to school.
8.Dad often sings in the shower. He is singing now.
9.The game starts soon. The game is starting now.
10.They fish for salmon. We are fishing for trout.
11.The track team runs today. They are running two miles.
12.The plane leaves at nine. The plane is leaving.
13.I catch cold in winter. Today I am catching a cold.
14.I pitch for our team. Jack is catching for our team.
15.The workers lay bricks. Today they are laying blocks.
16.I never lie to my teacher. I am lying now.
17.They dance each week. They are dancing tonight.
18.Ring the bell each morning. I am ringing the bell.
19.Autograph my book. I am autographing your book.
20.Select these verbs. We are clicking.