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C hanges in Sentence Patterns (Continued)
Lesson 2-8
Prompt:As we found in the prior exercise, sentence patterns change when adverbs and adverbial phrases begin the sentence. In this exercise we will continue to identify the complete predicate in such sentences.
Directions:The following sentences begin with adverbs or adverbial phrases. Continue as in the prior exercise and click to select the complete predicate of each sentence.
1.On the horizon, storm clouds were gathering.
2.Soon, the rain will bring needed relief.
3.Before dawn, the storm finally arrived.
4.In sheets of water, the clouds burst.
5.Within minutes, the streets were flooded.
6.On the freeways, traffic was nearly stopped.
7.Certainly, the rain is a major storm.
8.Fortunately, emergency services were well prepared.
9.Nonetheless, the citizens were concerned for their safety.
10.For three hours, the storm dropped inches of rain.
11.With the end of the storm, darkness descended.
12.Over much of the city, electrical power was off.
13.At every corner, storm drains overflowed.
14.On the radio and television, emergency warnings were made.
15.In the canyon areas, mud slides were destroying homes.
16.Next to the beaches, streets were being flooded by the high surf.
17.Against the elements, the emergency crews worked hard.
18.Finally, electrical power was restored to the city.
19.Through the night, the citizens waited for the morning.
20.With the sunrise, the storm damage could be seen.