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C hanges in Sentence Patterns
Lesson 2-7
Prompt:Often an adverb or adverbial phrase begins a sentence, and the usual sentence pattern changes. An adverb or adverbial phrase usually modifies the verb and is, therefore, part of the complete predicate. Remember that an adverb tells when, where, why, and how an action takes place.
Example:Consider the following sentence: "By three o'clock, the mail will be delivered." The underlined words are the complete predicate.
Directions:The following sentences begin with adverbs or adverbial phrases. Click to select the complete predicate of each sentence.
1.On the way to school, the students witnessed an accident.
2.In the stream, fish could be seen.
3.Often, the rains flood the river banks.
4.Near the pier, large waves were pounding.
5.In the fireplace, logs burn slowly.
6.Therefore, learning is important to your future.
7.For his great efforts, Jack was given the award.
8.In the nick of time, the ambulance arrived.
9.However, we shall try our best.
10.Against his best judgement, the man agreed to the contract.
11.Nevertheless, the court's judgement is final.
12.Between the railroad tracks, grass was growing.
13.Near the corral, the horses were arriving for feeding.
14.Early each morning, the cows are milked.
15.By ten o'clock each Fourth of July, the baseball game has begun.