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T he Simple Subject
Lesson 2-5
Prompt:The simple subject is the noun or pronoun subject of the simple predicate in the sentence. In finding the simple subject one must first find the verb of the sentence and ask who or what accomplishes the action or condition of the verb. The answer to this question would be the simple subject.
Example:Consider the following: "The third planet from the sun is the Earth." The noun "planet" is the subject of the verb and is the simple subject of the sentence.
Directions:Click to select the simple subject of the following sentences.
1.Our solar system has nine planets.
2.The Earth rotates around the sun in twelve months.
3.The planet with large rings is Saturn.
4.The most distant planet from the sun is Pluto.
5.Two unmanned spacecraft were launched by the United States in 1977.
6.The spacecraft were called Voyager I and II.
7.The outer great planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune became aligned for the 1977 launch.
8.One unmanned spacecraft could be sent to visit all the large planets on one mission.
9.Jupiter was reached by the spacecraft in 1979.
10.The visitation of the great planets was called the "Grand Tour."
11.The spacecraft traveled billions of miles to the edge of space.
12.The space mission was a great success.
13.Video pictures of these great planets may be seen today.
14.Scientists with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration were amazed with the pictures sent back from the spacecraft.