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T he Complete Subject
Lesson 2-4
Prompt:The other major part of a sentence is the subject. The complete subject is usually all the words that come before the simple predicate (verb) in the sentence.
Example:Consider the following: "A storm with snow and rain arrived before dark." The complete subject is underlined.
Directions:Click to select the complete subject in the sentences below.
1.Everyone in the bus was talking about the weather.
2.Blizzards on the Great Plains are dangerous.
3.The heavy snow was being blown by the gale force winds.
4.The large flakes of snow drifted slowly and quietly to the white ground.
5.The ski slopes high in the Rocky Mountains were accumulating several inches of snow.
6.The ski lifts were transporting hundreds of skiers to the top of the mountain.
7.The snow-packed roads made driving very dangerous.
8.The small car with no chains skidded on the ice.
9.The deer hunters referred to the storm as a "white-out."
10.The driving snow stung his face and froze to his beard.
11.Certain weather conditions can turn rain into hail.
12.Large hail stones pounded the wheat crop into the ground.
13.Large threatening storm clouds appeared on the horizon.
14.The farmers of the Great Plains prayed for rain.
15.Man has little control of the weather.
16.Years of drought and hot weather caused the crops to fail.
17.The Great Plains during the Great Depression was known as the "dust bowl."
18.Great dust clouds on the western horizon drifted over the land.
19.Communities closed schools and prepared for the dust storm.
20.Families placed wet towels around the windows to keep the dust out.